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A&A Minerals is not affiliated to A.A. Minerals Limited. Therefore, anyone who does business with the said name does so at His or Her own risk.

It has come to the knowledge and attention of A.A. Minerals limited, Ghana that its corporate name, image and/or signatures of its officials have been cloned by fraudsters and criminal gangs on sham documents in particular to issue fake assay reports, invoices, payment demands notices or particulars of bank accounts in order to defraud prospective clients, the public and unsuspecting gold buyers within and outside the jurisdiction of Ghana. Please take notice that A.A. Minerals limited does not issue general assay reports, general invoices, payment demands etc. Except specific reports / demands to cover specific assayed gold based on specific request from a specific client. Any assay report or invoice which purports to originate from A.A Minerals limited demanding payment from a prospective buyer of gold outside the aforesaid criteria, principles, standards or conditions is fraudulent and originates from fraudsters without A.A. Minerals’ knowledge, consent, concurrence or instructions whatsoever. A.A. Minerals limited should be immediately notified at the following contact address for confirmation of such events:                                                                      A.A.MINERALS WILL NOT ACCEPT LIABILITY FOR FAILURE TO REPORT OR VERIFY



As a leading mining sector support bureau, A.A MINERALS LIMITED provides the mining industry with peerless gold trade and export services. A.A MINERALS LIMITED continues to remain the standpoint of flawless gold trading and exports processing services in Ghana.


After its incorporation on the 31st of December 2009, A.A MINERALS LIMITED has served major global markets in the world with its biggest clients coming from the Middle East and Europe.


With over 7 years of experience, A.A MINERALS LIMITED after its incorporation has been at the forefront of gold mining, trading and exports and strives to become Africa’s biggest gold trade and export house.


In the quest to meet the ever growing demands of clients, A.A MINERALS LIMITED has set up an unrivalled supply chain as a back-end network organizational structure to help its clients achieve their set targets all year round.

Success Factor

The most essential and most valuable assets responsible for the success story told, is the highly experienced and dedicated human resource of A.A MINERALS LIMITED who work together as a team in serving and meeting the demands and needs of customers in Ghana and in the global market place.


A.A MINERALS LIMITED strives to be the partner and mining services support company of its clients’ choice. Clients remain partners forever, providing them with the most efficient services with speed, accuracy and competence unbeatable. A.A MINERALS LIMITED supports its clients and stakeholders achieve success by creating value for all.

Operational Outlook

A.A MINERALS LIMITED structures its operations systematically from the mines to shipment to ensure total grip of the entire export process which puts its services a step ahead of the rest in offering its clients the best.


We are licensed by the Minerals Commission of Ghana to export gold to refineries around the world.

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