"One-District-One-Factory" to be on comparative advantage basis-Eastern Regional Minister-Designate

| Updated Oct 17, 2017 at 3:18am


Eastern Regional Minister-Designate, Eric Kwakye Darfuor.


The Eastern Regional Minister-Designate, Eric Kwakye Darfuor says the implementation of the "One-District-One-Factory" policy will be on the basis of the comparative advantage of each district.

Answering questions at the Appointments Committee of parliament, Mr. Darfuor said the districts will be assisted to write their business plans for specific industries and not what is imposed on them.

The issue of agencies tasked to enforce environmental protection laws and their involvement in illegal mining came up during the vetting of Mr. Darfuor.

The Regional Minster nominee said some politicians may even be secretly engaged in illegal mining.

He admitted that it would not be easy to put an end to galamsey.

He called for a concerted effort among parliament, the security services and other state agencies directly involved in the mining sector to deal with the menace.