Public sector workers demand equity in salary structure

| Updated Oct 03, 2017 at 7:40am



Some public sector workers say the conditions of service for all Ghanaian workers should be the same across board in the spirit of fairness.

In their view the situation of having different conditions of service for Article 71 Office holders is not fair to the majority of Ghanaians working in the public sector.

They maintain that failure of government to ensure equity in the salary structure can affect their performance.

These came up when Radio Ghana sought the views of some workers on the 10 percent increase and the subsequent back dating of salaries of Article 71 Office Holders.

In a related development, Public Sector workers have expressed their disappointment about the attitude of MPs when it comes to the approval of bills that affect the legislators directly as against those relating to ordinary Ghanaians.

They described the actions of MPs as selfish.