Deputy Parliamentary Majority Leader Defends Salary Increase

| Updated Mar 22, 2017 at 5:00am


Deputy Majority Leader of Ghana’s Parliament, Alfred Kwame Agbesi


Deputy Majority leader in Parliament Alfred Agbesi has defended recommendations by the Presidential Committee on Emoluments to increase the salaries of article 71 office holders by 10 percent and backdate it to 2013.

The category of workers including the president, Justices of the Supreme Court, Members of Parliament, Ministers of State, political appointees and some public servants are to benefit from the 10 percent pay rise.

Details of the report show that the President, who takes home a non-taxable salary of 15, thousand 972 cedis has now been pegged at a new 2016 salary of 22 thousand 809 cedis.

This translates into a 42.8% pay rise over the four years.

The Chief Justice, head of the Judiciary, is paid 15 thousand 552 cedis but will now expect 17 thousand 107 while the Speaker of Parliament who is paid GH¢16 thousand 174 cedis will now receive 17 thousand 791 cedis.

Many have raised issue with the increases especially at a time when the country is going through some economic challenges which has led to some stringent measures including the cancellation of allowances to teacher trainees.

The Deputy Majority Leader Alfred Kwame Agbesi in an interview with Radio Ghana says the increases are normal.